Have you left something behind at MEININGER? Here's how to get it back:

1. Check online: Most lost items turn up! You can search for your belongings on the iLost website (external link). Items usually appear there at least one day after your check-out.

2. Claim your item: Found what you were looking for? Great! You can request its return directly on the iLost website. Please be aware that shipping charges will apply.

3. Special note for stays in Switzerland: If you stayed at a MEININGER hotel in Switzerland, lost items won't appear on iLost. Instead, use our dedicated Lost and Found form available here to make your request.

4. Can't find your item on iLost? If you're certain you left something in the hotel, but it's not on iLost, don’t worry. Simply contact us through our Lost and Found form here. We're here to help! Remember, we're always ready to assist in reuniting you with your belongings!