Knowledge base

Before booking / payment

Can I still book if I don’t have a credit card?
Can I be sure all my friends will be staying in the same dormitory with me?
Can guests younger than 18 years stay in the hotel?
How can I make a booking?
What is considered a group at MEININGER Hotels?
How many rooms can I book at once?
What are your phone business hours?
What is the best price guarantee?
Will the credit card I use for the online booking be charged automatically?
Are the rates shown on your website per person or per room?
What is a dormitory?
Pricing: What do you consider to be a child?
What is a private room?
What is the family discount?
I would like to book an accessible room. How do I do this?
Can I request a specific room number or floor?
Which additional facilities can I find in your accesible rooms?
What's the difference between BREAKFAST SAVER, FLEX, and FIX?
Are towels and bedding included in the price?
Do you have double or twin beds in the twin rooms?
Do your hotels allow dogs?
Do you have interconnecting rooms?
What do I do if I haven't received an email with my booking confirmation?
When will I need a credit card to make a booking?
I need a visa to travel. Do you issue visa confirmations for the embassy/consulate?
Do you have conference rooms we can book in the hotel?
Can I pay for my room using cash?
Do I have to pay city tax for my stay?
Is the price in the booking confirmation the total price I pay?
Which credit cards do you accept for online payments?
Which credit cards do you accept in the hotel?
I want to pay by bank transfer. Is this possible?
I am a business traveler. Do I pay city taxes?
Do you accept all currencies in the hotel?
Why can't I pay on the day of departure?
Will I receive a receipt of payment as soon as I book?
Can I pay for my stay with a different credit card than the one I used to make the reservation?
When is my credit card going to be charged?
I would like to book the non-refundable rate, but I prefer to pay on arrival. Is this possible?
I am arriving after 6 PM and I forgot to provide my payment information. What happens to my booking?